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C100 ULV Fogger in action



Quality is the key criteria when we manufacture new products and add to our catalogue.


We pride ourselves for daily endeavor to respond to our customers. When customer ask a question, we always respond.


We never sell the machine or equipment to win customer once and forget about it. Longterm engagement with customer is the prime value within our company

A Step Beyond Fogging – Solutions, Equipment and More

When we talk of fogging equipment and solutions, Vector Fog is a trusted name in UK, USA as well as in South Korea. With more than 7 years of trust, we provide you the best and latest equipments. We, at Vector fog offer you a complete range of foggers, so that you do not have to struggle elsewhere.


We invest adequate time and money in research and development of our pest control solutions and equipment, so that you get the most ergonomic, safe and reliable pest control. Our resources are certified and trusted, which means, you only get ace quality results with the seal of trust.


We provide top-notch fogging equipments for your varied pest control requirements. And, we pride ourselves in serving our customers with the best equipments to cater to their queries. Customer satisfaction is our prime motive.


What we have with our customers is the sort of engagement that is nurtured at both the ends. We believe in forming enduring engagement with our customers for it is them who hold prime value.

When you choose us, you choose unrivalled quality and the most trusted services in UK, USA and South Korea.

Vector Fog – The Ultimate Fogging Solution at Your Doorstep!