GAMMA 7 – 1.8 Gallon Pump Sprayer

Comes with various facilities and a wide range of accessories to work in different conditions.

  • Easy to fill and sprayer in a long distance with 60-degree wide angle which sprayer very fast
  • GAMMA 7 comes with 3 cm wide resistant strap and adjustable nozzle with curved shape to spray from any direction to anywhere
  • This garden pump sprayer has various uses. It could be used as weed killers and able to fill chemicals. Various jets could be fitted in for diversifying uses. Safety valve and pressure indicator. Also, a filter available so that it could filter junk
  • GAMMA 7 is 1.8-gallon sprayer easy to carry for its portability and stable on inclined surfaces
  • Attractive design with a stabilizing base and vertical lance holder. Hose resistant to heat and frost. A pressure regulator to control the flow. GAMMA 7 is a lasting lawn/garden pump sprayer which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses


GAMMA 7 – 1.8 Gallon Garden Pump Sprayer comes with various facilities and a wide range of accessories to work in different conditions. It has an attractive design with comfortable feature and perfects for indoor and outdoor using. It has a safety valve and pressure indicator to avoid excessive pressure. The filter is able to purify any kind of water such pond, lake water etc. Resistant strap and adjustable nozzle are using to spray from any direction with exclusive pressure regulator features. It’s a light, well-shaped and portable pump sprayer for them who would like to spray everything in minutes.

Technical Details:

Maximum Capacity – 1.86 gal (7.95L)
Net Capacity – 1.45 gal (6L)
Apt for – 5382 sqft (500sqm)
Length of range with long jet – 354 inches (900 cm)
Height of range with long jet – 177 inches (450 cm)
Wide angle max – 60 degree
CC leverage – 250cc
Average flow cc/min – 620 cc
Working Pressure – 3 bars

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use this water pump?
Perfect for indoor and outdoor using all-purpose sprayer ideal for herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and many home applications. This lawn water sprayer is suitable for Bleach and Chemical sprayer for controlling Insects and Weeds or Cleaning Decks and Siding Lawns and Gardens.

Can I adjust it to spray?
Yes! You can adjust it as you need to do. You can use various jets, curved and adjustable nozzle to adjust spray mode. You can use the pressure regulator and hose resistant to heat and frost when you need it. It is fully customizable with various features.