Bird Repellent Gel

Natural, High Efficient VectorFog Bird Gel



Vectorfog Bird Repellent is a new, highly efficient long lasting bird repellent gel. Proven to deter many birds, including Pigeons and Sea Gulls, without harming them. Vectorfog Bird Repellent comes in a 250gr tube for use with a caulking gun.

How does our bird repellent work?

This completely natural, non-toxic 4in1 gel, has been specially formulated to work on four of the animal

senses: Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch.

Sight : This new high-tech gel emits strong Ultra Violet Rays which startles the birds when they try to approach it. A feeling of warning/danger keeps them away.

Taste :Made with a special blend of oils this gel has a discussing taste to birds. Once eaten, it causes the birds to leave immediately and learn over time never to return to the same spot.

Smell : Made with natural herbal extracts. VectorFreeTM Bird Gel, has a specially formulated smell which creates an unfamiliar and distressing environment for the birds to perch on. With olfactory enhancers, this smell repellent makes it one of the most efficient in the market.

Touch : Thanks to its sticky consistency, this gel prevents birds landing because of their “tacky” feel. They learn over time never to return to the same spot.